Here are some of my and my Facebook friends status' updates from the Super Bowl...

Jim: "I'm not sure what's going on. Some kind of sporting event??"

Big Daddy Ron Brand: "Nice day for kayaking. Is it a crime if I go to bed before kickoff?"

Paul: "Watching the Super Bowl in my tattered old Lions hoodie. Someday"

Me: "For all my radio friends....Super Bowl Halftime show: World's biggest hyped and expensive track act EVER! Not even the remotest HINT of a fake band not playing while Midge lip syncs her 20 year old songs. But at least we can see up her skirt. Ok...wait--what the hell was that? The LMFAO thing? Swear to God Nicki Manaj will kill someone some day..."

Sean: "Was there a live mic during the half time show? It all sounded recorded to me. You?"

Paul, again: "Thanks, Dirty Harry. You just went ahead and made my day!"

Me, again: "Ok Clint just gave me goosebumps! Right ON!"

Me, once again.: "Other than Football, NBC usually has no shows in the top 10. Big Winner at this years game? Not the Giants, but NBC. Game right til the end. Just what NBC needed. Could be 115 million watching at 10pm EST. Good job, peacock."