Hey guys! I know that many of you, on a daily basis, think to yourself, "man, I wish I was ripped, but I really don't want to put the work in. I wish some weird Japanese company would make a weird silicone flesh vest to make it look like I have a six pack". Well, your prayers have been answered! All of that can be yours for a mere $250!

This product, which according to Google Translate is called the "Silicon muscle body suit body builder, professional wrestler, muscle man suit transformation (LK-1000)" is, I'm sure everything you've ever wished for. Especially if you've ever wished that you could have a silicone vest that makes it look like you have a six pack but doesn't actually match your skin tone.


You know what I find hot? Guys with six packs. I'm sure that it would in no way be a turn off to take a guy's shirt off to find that he's wearing this. I mean, you'd probably be able to tell even without shirt removal. Think about it, you hug someone who's wearing this and suddenly you feel these four giant, not-at-all-obvious silicone straps across his back. Definitely wouldn't tip anyone off. (Man, I wish sarcasm came across better in text.)

But hey, according to the product description,

Because it is made of silicon, muscle Muscles of lifelike, I transform myself into a body builder.
Because it is a self-adhesive, wear paste directly to the skin.
The Trivial tired of cloth, plastic, rubber, and recommended towards genuine.
The recommended for costume play, stage play and various other applications, men and women can wear.

Whatever the hell that means.

If you're interested, you can get yours here. And if you order one and wear it on the regular, please stop by the studio so that I can openly laugh at you.