"Hang in Long Enough" is a single performed by Phil Collins and released in 1990 from the album ...But Seriously. It was the last single from the album. The song reached the #23 spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and #34 on the UK Singles Chart.This rhythmic song was accompanied by a video whose story is set in the year 1912, it makes reference to the Titanic's disaster due the fact that all people appearing on it is inside of the cruise.

It used stock footage from the movie A Night to Remember about the ship's sinking to link it with the song's storyline.

However, the ship is mentioned as the S. S. Udio (a humorous reference to the song "Sussudio") by the host at the start. Then, the Phenix Horns start playing the initial chords and Collins appears on stage to perform the whole song while the audience becomes shocked by the set design and the musicians' costumes. (Throughout the video Collins and the musicians (and the stage they are on) are shown in bright, vivid colour film, while everything else is in black and white - even in the same frame.)

At the second verse of "Hang in Long Enough" the S. S. Udio starts sinking after hitting the iceberg and at the final chords, the band and the audience try to escape to the boats while Collins stays at the stage to end the song.

The ship sinks into the gelid ocean, but Collins and his band escape safe and sane going aboard their boat. He demands that "we were playing too loud", then the band annoys with him and sinks his head into the water as they watch the S. S. Udio vanishing.