Finally, a candidate who really stands out! Well, mostly because he's a cat. Hank, a 9-year-old street cat from Springfield Virginia, is running for U.S. Senate. Hank announced his candidacy earlier this month, taking on former Virginia governors, George Allen and Tim Kaine.

From the looks of things, Hank is going to be tough competitor. I mean, he's got his own website, a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, even a campaign advertisement.

So far, Hank's campaign has centered on the need for jobs. He also advocates for spay and neuter programs and rescue groups, such as the one that saved him in Virginia.

Like most politicians though, Hank isn't immune to those nasty attack ads. This "Hank for Senate? No Way" video surfaced recently on YouTube. Hank's opponents allege he may have used catnip and question why he has never released his birth certificate or his tax returns.

Hank's campaign manager, Matthew O'Leary, told The Huffington Post that the feline is taking it all in stride:

"He's still taking his daily naps and getting excited about cheese. He was a bit grumpy for his last televised interview, but that appeared to be because it was too close to dinnertime, so we're scheduling his appearances for midafternoon and he's doing well."

Hank's supporters are standing behind him in the face of the attacks. One fan writes:

This is just another sorry example of an opposition party which can't come up with a viable platform of its own, so its only tactic left is to engage in negative political advertising. Hank would never stoop to such lengths.

What do you think? Would you vote for Hank? Is he the purrrrrfect candidate or just another political "fat cat" as his opponents claim?