You remember Hanson, don't you?  

The three brothers from Tulsa, Okla., who pre-dated the boy band revolution with their catchy tunes like "MMMBop," that even now you know you like, but you just won't admit publicly.

Well, in addition to being good musicians, they were savvy businessmen, who distribute their own music, and their own craft beer, which to be honest with you, is pretty darn good.

We love craft beer here in Grand Rapids. So, instead of judging the brew by its makers, we want to know what it tastes like. It turns out, it ain't bad.

MMMHops is a delightful pale ale brewed by Mustang Brewery, crafted in conjunction with Hanson group members Taylor, Isaac, and Zac Hanson.  

Reviews have been good for the hoppy, full bodied ale (check out the video below) and that is an encouraging sign that the brewery will expand its Hanson product line soon.

The boys have also planned a HopJam Beer and Music Festival in their home town, that will rival some of the great craft beer festivals that we have here in River City.  The beer also has its own Twitter feed to keep fans abreast of developments.

The beer is not yet distributed nationwide, but you can buy it online through the Wine and Cheese Place.

Some of the proceeds from the beer will go to benefit the victims of recent tornadoes that blasted their home state of Oklahoma.

FYI -- the alcohol percentage is 7.5 percent
And now let's sing along -- you know you want to...