If I was ever going to live anywhere than the United States, it would be Canada. Our neighbors to the north have alot of good things going for them. Cooler and cleaner weather. Hockey on every street corner. Lots of good cheer and less in-your-face attitude. AND pretty Canadian girls.

I had a friend who used to work in a border town between Michigan and Canada. Without mentioning the name of the city, I'll say it rhymes with "Poo Mainte Farie" Anyway, he dated a few Canadian girls, knows as "Chums" and said if had the chance, and a green card, he'd marry a Chum someday. And he did. And they moved to Pittsburgh. Which some say is "America's Canada". Or depending on who you ask, "America's ArmPit"

The few times I have been to Canada, it's kind of weird. It's just like the US. But ever so different. It's almost the same, but it's not. I was asleep in a hotel room in "Poo Mainte Farie" once when the fire alarm went off. Instead of the manager or the fire department knocking on the door and saying "fire", the manager just USED HIS KEY and opened the door and told me to get out. In the US, that's probably not happening. Hence the difference.

Still I love hockey and cooler weather and pretty girls who like to stay warm and who also like hockey too. So for that I say Happy Canada Day! July 2nd!

Oh wait, Canada day was yesterday. Crap. I was watching the soccer game. Oh well. Everyday can be Canada Day, with a little Bryan Adams!