This seems like one of those national "Day's" that's perfect for today! With the snow and the blowing and all, it's a good day to take advant of today's "Day". It's National Hot Chocolate Day! And that actually sounds good right about now, doesn't it?

Hot chocolate is about as subjective as "who has the best coffee" or "who has the best beer". I know my fav--hot chocolate from Bob Evans. They use real coffee cups and put real whip cream on top. Yummy! Almost every coffee house and restaurant serves hot chocolate, so when you are out and about and you feel that chill, have a cup!

One thing that is major chain or establishment that I can find is offering and deal on hot chocolate today. Strange. Oh well, we have Swiss Miss at work, so I'm enjoying a mug or two on Townsquare Media today! Enjoy!

Here's a classic Swiss Miss commercial from those pigtails!