Once again, yours truly Matt Hendricks and will be performing with my Duo - Ice on Fire for the Coit Creative Arts Academy!  We'll be raising money for the school as things are VERY tight at GRPS and they need all the help they can get. These are great kids, with great parents and a great staff and they need our support.

The Concert will feature The Kids singing some Christmas carols, in addition to myself, my singing partner Davin, and feature a Cello as well for the holidays. We'll be performing some Christmas and holidays tunes, as well as a few pop songs thrown in for fun.

This promises to be a great time, for us, the kids and the community. Please come out and enjoy an hour of local performers and music.  Any questions, please e-mail me at matt@wfgr.com.

If you're on facebook, here's the event link:

Thanks so much for your support - I, and the kids appreciate it so much!