Every once in awhile I will see a blog or a story and I will yell at the computer "Yes! You are 185 percent correct story or blog!" I found one of those today. It's about how Holidays are really getting out of hand these days, especially us with kids or grandkids!

The story is the The Huffington Post, and was so well written by Kristen Howerton. It's called "Can We Bring The Holidays Down A Notch?" and she makes some excellent observations.

" When I was a kid we celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing something green. THE END. I had noticed that over the past few years, our kids were getting some grander ideas from school. But I didn't think that we needed to replicate these experiences at home.

Fellow parents: St. Patrick's Day is supposed to be a "phone-it-in" holiday. Yes, I've turned into a bit of a grinch, but SERIOUSLY WITH THE HOLIDAY OVERKILL. It used to be Christmas was the main event, but now it's as if every holiday must be at a Level 10. And if Christmas wasn't already hard enough as a parent, someone also decided that we have to move an Elf around every day, into creative tableaus? And then someone else decided that the Advent Calendar was A Thing beyond a simple religious observation and now involves some kind of gift each day leading up to Christmas?

And about a month after having survived that whole mess, we've got Valentine's Day, which has became The New Halloween, because God forbid you send a simple store-bought card. You'd better include some candy or your child will be shunned. Shunned! One of my kids came home with not just a candy from each class, but a WHOLE FREAKING GOODIE BAG from each student."

Bravo Mrs. Howerton. Bravo. As one who was at the Valentine's Day party and the Halloween
party I applaud you. Every rinky dink holiday now has to be come Christmas part 7. Stop it school. Stop it kids. Stop it parents.

Easter is coming up. Now that's one you can use. But remember Columbus' birthday doesnt have to involve presents. OR candy. Really.

Robert Schmechel Source ThinkStock