Fall started on Sunday afternoon. So when I took a couple days off last week, it became my late summer vacation. So much like when you and I were in school, here's what I did on my "summer vacation" Thursday...I caught a cold. The end.

Nooo! Not really the end! I went out on "Talk like a Pirate day" and got free food!

I started at Krispy Kreme. Everyone who was dressed as a pirate, ,ostly children and teens, got a free dozen donuts for doing that. I, and most of the parents and adults, just got a free donut. You were supposed to get a free donut by saying "Arrgh" or some pirate speak. No one did. So when I did, the girl asked me if I wanted a second donut. I said No.

It was busy as this is the best known of the Pirate day giveaways

Then it was across the street to Moe's Southwest Grill for free quseo!

The mood at Moe's was a bit more subdued...

But the staff was friendly!

Moe's had the best freebee of the day. The chips and dip were really good sized and tasty!

Next was the final stop. Long Johns Silvers!

Again, a less than packed experience was had at LJS

Free food is free food, and the piece of fish was so good I ate it without taking a picture of it. Silly Me! So here's the building.

All in all, took me about an hour to enjoy free stuff! Arrggh! Vacation is on!

Next up: The Circus!