You've seen awkward family photos-- the stiff poses, the ridiculous outfits, the frozen, terrified smiles. They are awesomely bad and totally hysterical. If you would like to force your fam to take an awkward pic just in time for the holidays, the guys at have some great advice.

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    Strike a Pose

    The first tip Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, creators of share is to strike that pose: "Whether it's piling on top of each other, lining up in order of height, or whipping out an 'armshelf,' striking a pose is a surefire way to make all that view your holiday photo uneasy. To go to 11 on holiday spirit meter, try having the family form a human Christmas tree."

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    Match It Up!

    "You share the same name and look alike, but why not give the world overwhelming proof that you're related by also wearing the same outfits."

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    Dress to Kill

    "Double down on the awkwardness by dressing the family in humiliating homemade holiday costumes."