Hunter is my 8 year old son, in case you didn't know. So he's a pretty big baseball fan, so thanks to the good people at the Whitecaps (Mickey Graham) we went to his second Caps game! We went with his older sister (NOT a fan) three years ago, and she was so bored we had to leave early. So Sunday being Kids' day, the little man and I went to the ballyard in Comstock Park!

A beautiful day was in store for us as we approached the park! Sunny and 70! The field was its' usual Hunter Green (ha!) and the stands filed with families and fans alike! From the games on the field to the National Anthem to the food (yum!) a good time was had by all. Throw in the fact the Caps won 10-3, and it was, as Hunter said "This is the perfect place"

Enjoy the pics and admit it, you are a little jealous...:)