will probably lead me to an early grave! If you have younger kids at home (mine are 8 and 6) you get questions. LOTS off questions. Why is this, what is that, what are those, etc. And while I try and be patient with them, sometimes I want to run my HEAD INTO A BRICK WALL!

Like this morning...My cute 8 year old daughter says "I love you Dad....too much?" and I told her that's not possible...to love dear old Dad too much. And she replies "Why? Is that bad?" and I said "No, it's just a part of life". And she said....

"Why is that a part of life? What's a part of life?"

And at that point...I told her I loved her and said "get your coat on, it's time to go to school"....Ah, school...that magic time of day when she can ask ANOTHER adult questions about life and stuff to her hearts' content.