When you live in Michigan, you expect to have an encounter with a deer while driving eventually.  You just don't expect to do it twice in one night.

Sometimes you have to count your blessings.  Coming home from Traverse City late Saturday night, I had not one, but two close encounters with wildlife in the road, namely deer.

I made contact with a doe just after I got on southbound US 131 near Cadillac.  It bolted out in front of me so fast, I just reacted and swerved to try and avoided it, but it hit my right front bumper, and raced off into the woods.  I was really lucky there was nobody in the other lane, or I wouldn't be writing this.

After getting my heart rate back down, i resumed my journey, only to have four bucks race out into the roadway just south of Big Rapids.  One was clipped by a truck in the fast lane to my left, while I swerved again, only to clip one of them in the rump, again off the right front bumper (which is ripped to shreds).

Fortunately, neither incident caused enough damage to disable my car, so I was able to make it home, shaken and stirred, uninjured, and my car still able to function, but that was my first deer "twofer" and I hope I never have another one.

"That's just great!"