We all remember the days of MTV - where the various artist and fans would yell "I Want My MTV".  Well, at WFGR - we love MTV, but love MONEY-FREE even more!

Throughout the ENTIRE Month of November we want you to yell "I WANT MY MONEY FREE" for a chance a $1000 up to twice day. Just listen for the classic MTV sounds and be the 25th Caller to (616) 459 9889 and you score $1000 - it's that easy.  Plus, make you sure you sign up for the CLASSIC VIP Club if you haven't yet, for a chance at $10,000!

Check back every weekday here at WFGR.COM and we'll even give you the secret times to listen to call in and win along with a classic MTV Video.

Today's Classic Video is The Cars "Magic" - and your secret time to call in Win: