For those of us who have Facebook and Twitter pages and use the #hashtag thing, now the world of social media is getting slightly easier to navigate through. Facebook now has #hashtags. Hoo Ray.

CNN's story "Facebook finally gets #hashtags" explains the intricacies of the hashtag.

"Hashtags from other services, such as Instagram, are clickable as well. Users will also be able to compose posts directly from a hashtag feed and search results. That could make adding real-time content to specific streams easier than before.

Twitter user Chris Messina created in 2007 the hashtag as we know it today. Twitter eventually adopted the system of organizing tweets around a certain subject into its API and its broader ecosystem. Since then, the hashtag has been adopted by other services, including Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and even Facebook-owned Instagram."

So it's kinda like if McDonalds invented a new way to cook a hamburger, and everyone from Burger King to Wendys started to use it. The ways of social media.
Personally I use hashtags on Twitter just to be a smart ass. #twittersucks