This is a funny list. It's nice to know the internet is full of people who are creative and hilarious. They used to write for TV. Now they post funny things on the ol' Internets.

Remember all the kids you went to school with? The jocks, the nerds, the goofs and everyone inbetween? Me too :) The kids at "Tickld" (and why can't web sites use the WHOLE word nowadays? "Tumblr and Tickld"?) wrote this funny piece "The 50 States Of America If They Were Actually High School Kids." It's pretty dead on. Some Highlights:

Alaska is the fat kid with a beard who wears flannel to class every day and gets straight A's in shop class.

Arkansas is the kid who drops out by sophomore year.

Indiana is the Future Farmer of America kid.


Kentucky is the girl with the unhealthy obsession with horses.

Ha! I won't tell you what Michigan is...But it's dead on! Same with Nevada, and Oregon, and Iowa...

Michael Krinke/ThinkStock