A brand new texting service has arrived that will help beer lovers from all over enjoy new and unfamiliar beers.  BeerText.US allows you to text the name of a beer to 315-679-4711 (standard texting rates apply) and receive a description, a complete list of ingredients, and it's alcohol contents.  It has never been easier to impress your friends with an encyclopedic knowledge of beer.

BeerText.US was developed by a student at Syracuse University during the Syracuse Student Sandbox Twilio Hackathon.  It makes sense that such a valuable tool would be developed by a college student (College students are known to be some of the most passionate beer drinkers.)  The texting service is still in it's infancy and the developers are currently taking suggestions that might improve their service.

If you are heading out to the 2012 WGRD Summer Craft Beer Festival on Saturday, August 11th, be sure to save 315-679-4711 in your phone and be prepared to impress your friends, family, and even beer vendors!  Click the button below to get your tickets online, or stop in to any of these participating Family Fares to buy a ticket.