From the "I was too busy sucking water out of my basement to see the news" file. TWINKIES WILL BE BACK!!! No offense to the Little Debbie company or any of the off brand bakeries who are pumping out "Golden cake with filling" snack cakes. Sorry but they aren't the real thing. But the real things will be back soon!

The Huffington Post's Story "Hostess Bakery To Reopen This Summer, Hire 250 After Bankruptcy Cost More Than 500 Jobs" spells out the timeline to reopen.

Hostess Brands LLC says it will reopen its eastern Kansas bakery this summer, with the hiring of an initial 250 people already underway. The announcement was made Thursday by the investment partnership that bought Hostess Brands' snack cake product lines. Twinkies should be back on the shelves this July, executive vice president of Hostess Brands Michael Cramer told NBC News Thursday.

Not only bring back the Twinkies, but putting people to work too. It's a great day to be an American.