Ben Affleck is probably sleeping on the couch for now. The actor and his wife, Jennifer Garner, were in Las Vegas for a "romantic getaway" before he starts filming the next "Batman" movie, but as "The New York Daily News" reports, it'll be their last trip there for a lifetime.

Affleck is a known card player, but now we know he also counts cards. Or at least, that's what he stands accused of. While playing black jack at a high rollers table over the weekend, Hard Rock Hotel management reportedly approached and said "you are too good" and had a car bring Affleck and the missus back to their hotel.

Card counting involved adding card values to decide when to bet big money, and while it's not illegal, it's obviously frowned upon by casinos. So far, neither Ben Affleck or The Hard Rock Las Vegas has issued any statement so far.

Why does Affleck feel the need to count cards, doesn't he have enough money?  It must be the love of gaming the house.

Do you know how to count cards?  Is it easy to learn how to do? And wouldn't you go to several casinos to look less conspicuous?

FUN FACT: Former University of Michigan basketball coach and current Westwood One analyst Bill Frieder was also a notorious card counter, and is banned from certain Casinos.