The Michael Jackson Estate is slamming a new lawsuit claiming some of the vocals on the star's first posthumous album are inauthentic. According to, a California woman named Vera Serova has filed a class action suit against the Estate and record label Sony.

The issue? The suit charges that the songs "Breaking News," "Monster" and "Keep Your Head Up," which were featured on the 2010 album "Michael" - a year after his passing - were not recorded by the King of Pop himself. And she says she’s got an audio expert to back her up.

The Estate's attorney calls the lawsuit "frivolous" and brings forth its own evidence. Howard Weitzman says multiple experts – musicologists and producers – have all vouched for the album's authenticity.

Listen to one of the songs for yourself, and see what you think.  (The singing starts at 1:04)

I'm with her.