So everyday I drive past the John Ball Zoo on Fulton St. in Grand Rapids - and have noticed there seems to be some large construction project going on.  You might remember several years back there was a push to move the zoo out to the East Beltline, but it was put to a vote and it failed. I voted against the move, mainly because I felt the zoo was a better fit in the city. We need to have things to do "In" the city.

After thinking about it, and going to the zoo last year, while it's neat and kind of a cool location, it is pretty small and seemed outdated.  The zoo recently got a large donation to add a gondola system, which is pretty cool.   Even so, do you think the zoo is good enough for the city? Do you think it should be a main attraction?  Or do zoos not really matter that much and aren't really big attractions anymore.

I was never really a big fan of zoo's in general now that I think about it.