March 5th, 1990. A day I will always remember. Not because the price of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese was only $1.29, or that gas was $.85 cents a gallon. Not because we as a nation were celebrating the birth of the new fangled "internets". The economy was decent, a Bush was in the White House that could actually SPELL "White House", Saddam was still in power, and we were falling in love with a little TV family called "The Simpsons". Life was good.

And it was my first day on Commercial Radio. I was a young buck all of 20 years old, and was thrown on the air at a small station in Battle Creek. I did an hour and was pretty nervous. That all went out the window after I did my second break and the guy training me, Eric "The Fly" Davis, threw what appeared to be a breast implant at me. It's been all downhill since!

Thanks again for letting me tell silly stories and be a goof now for 22 years!