Today is National Joe Day! A day to appreciate and respect the everyday "Joe's" in your life. From Joe the Plumber to Joe Montana to a cup of good ol' Joe, Joe is a big part of our lives! Luckily in Grand Rapids we have plenty of Joe's to pick from to honor. Here is my top 3 list of Grand Rapids "Joe's"!

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    Joe V's Sports Bar!

    Urban Spoon says it best "Joe V's has a ton of TV's to watch whatever game you want. I recommend ordering one of their Chicago Style Pizzas with a group of friends. Service is pretty good with a decent selection of beers. It's a hidden gem in my opinion." I couldn't agree more.

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    Just Ask Joe's handyman service

    How could you not love a place called "Just ask Joe" He gives it to you straight-"We offer full remodels or fixing a doorknob. Licensed, Insured, Lead base paint certified renovator." Just ask Joe can do it all!
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    Joe Knight

    He's the guy I throttle in the ratings every afternoon! Ha! Joe Knight, my afternoon counterpart on Channel 95-7 here at Townsquare Media in Grand Rapids! Welcome to the the building Joe!