It's another marketing holiday--Tax Day! That day when all Americans "cheerfully and willingly pay their fair share to the Federal Government to cover services." OR the day most Americans scramble to get around to filing out their returns and rushing to get them submitted by Midnight! AND it's also a day for fast food deals!

At Arby's Tax day is Free Curly Fry day! From
"Either way, you can still celebrate with Arby’s 3rd Annual Tax Day Curly Fry Giveaway. Get a free small order of Curly Fries or Potato Cakes on Monday. Maybe you can pair it with a Grand Turkey Club and make it a meal."

and at Sonic, it's Happy Hour all day long on Tax Day!
"Another Tax Day deal to keep your wallet happy tomorrow is the All Day Happy Hour at Sonic. On Tax Day, Monday April 15th, get your drinks, teas and slushes for 1/2 price."

Ahh Tax glad to see you come and go.