You've heard how the Asian Carp is possibly threatening Lake Michigan.  What I didn't know was that the Asian Carp like to fly out of the water.  They are like big flying fish!  I guess the object of the tournament is get drunk and get as many of the carp into your boat without a fishing pole. :)   Recently a man from Muskegon, Tom Matych, decided to take part in the "Redneck Fishing Contest" in Bath, Illinois,  to show what could happen if the Asian Carp got into our Great Lakes. He shot some incredible video and WZZM 13 News covered the event.


I imagine quite a lot of beer was consumed during this event. The video brought to mind Sesame Street's "Bert and Ernie" fishing. Remember Ernie saying "here little fishy, fishy" and the fish jumped right into his boat. However, I don't think alcohol was involved.  For more on the "Redneck Fishing Tournament click Here.