Jeff Lynne is making his return to the stage with the band he started nearly 45 years ago.  Lynne has signed on join the Electric Light Orchestra in headlining in London at the BBC Radio 2's Live in Hyde Park festival this fall.

Lynne told BBC Radio 2 he hasn't performed live "in quite some time," and he knows it's something the fans have been wanting for years (yes!).  He adds that he's excited about the upcoming event, and says he's "very much looking forward" to playing ELO songs for his audience.  At the festival ELO will be backed by the BBC Concert Orchestra.  In addition to ELO, the lineup for Live in Hyde Park also features Blondie, The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde, Billy Ocean, and others.

For the record, ELO hasn't toured since 1986.  The band attempted to launch a run in 2001 supporting their "Zoom" album, but Lynne scrapped it when tickets didn't sell as well as expected. Live in Hyde Park is set for on September 14th.

Here's the official announcement and interview on BBC Radio 2.