The group was formed in 1969, at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and consisted of four members:

After college, the band would break up. Lurie and Gonsky would go on to recruit Sweval and Jeffrey Grob (who had been in a band called Tracks) and would form Looking Glass. The group had one #1 hit single in the week of 26 August 1972 with "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)",  and also a minor hit "Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne" (1973), subsequently covered by Josie Cotton. Guitarist Brendan Harkin joined Looking Glass in early 1974, and Lurie left soon afterward to pursue a solo career, replaced by Michael Lee Smith, a singer from Georgia. Later that same year, the group changed its name to Fallen Angels. After Richie Ranno joined as second guitarist in September 1975, keyboardist Gonsky departed, and by late 1975, Fallen Angels's name had changed once again to Starz.

#33 back in 1973, how about today?


In 2003, Lurie reconstituted the group with new musicians