You may have heard the rumors, but Joe Walsh says it’s a fact: Eagles have entered the studio and recorded some new music.

Walsh did an interview with Billboard, telling them that there is new music "in the can,” but he admits that isn't certain whether or not those tracks will ever see the light of day. What he did confirm? That the Eagles will be back to tour the West Coast this fall.

"I've been playing on other people's stuff. I joined the Foo Fighters for two days and I played on a track of theirs that's gonna come out," he tells Billboard. Apparently, Walsh’s drummer is a friend of the Foos and made the introduction.

Walsh isn’t just keeping busy with the Eagles, however. He recently recorded with the Foo Fighters, added guitar to a track on the upcoming album by War and has his own blues album that he is prepping for release.

Since Joe brought up the Foo Fighters, here's their take on Joe's song, "Life of Illusion".