Keeping Kosher

The Rabbi and the Catholic bishop found themselves seated together at an ecumenical banquet. Seeing the rabbi was not being served the same appetizing dish of roast pork as everyone else, the bishop thought he would make conversation.
“You know, I’ve always wondered how you people manage to keep such strict dietary laws . . . I mean you, yourself, as a rabbi, right? You never eat bacon or pork?”
“Never? I mean you can tell me.”

“Well”, confessed the rabbi, “Once, when I was just a student at the yeshiva, I happened to be out on a journey, and very hungry, and I went into this café, and decided to try a bacon sandwich – I was just curious to see what it tasted like. But it has never touched my lips ever since.”
The bishop leaned back, with a satisfied smile at the rabbi’s discomfort.

The rabbi thought for a moment. Then said, “Something I’ve never understood about your religion is the law of celibacy. As a priest, you are not allowed to ever marry or have relations with a woman, that right?”
“That is correct.”

“Can you honestly say that you have never been tempted to stray from that?”
This time, it was the bishop’s turn to be embarrassed. “Once”, he confessed, “When I was just a young novice, there was a beautiful girl in this village, who I was smitten by, and yes, when the opportunity came, I was tempted, and made love to her. But ever since then, I have kept my vows.”
The rabbi smiled, and winked, patting him on the back reassuringly, and said in his ear:
It’s better than bacon, isn’t it?

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