Ten-year-old Mario Carpino of Swedesburg, N.J., doesn't complain about his own problems (he has an inoperable brain tumor); he wants to give to others.  

He set up a lemonade stand at the Woolwich Fire Station to raise money for other chlidren with cancer.

He asked his mom if Jon Bon Jovi could show up and help him out. His mom said she didn't think so, but she put the word out to see if he would. He did.

"Nothing can put you down, nothing can make you go down, nobody can tell you to stop believing, and no one can tell you what to do." says Mario, who continues to outlive his diagnosis.

Mario says he has two heroes, Catholic saint Padre Pio and rocker Jon Bon Jovi.  

Pio, who died in the 19th century, clearly couldn't make it, Bon Jovi could.

Bon Jovi popped up at the lemonade stand, and helped him sell lemonade, which so far as netted more than $150,000 for childhood cancer.
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