Was watching "The Cleveland Show" last night. I have to start by saying I usually don't watch "The Cleveland Show". It's kinda like watching "Joanie Loves Chachi". Not that "Happy Days" could be compared to "Family Guy", but in this sense, it is.

Anyway, the plot of the show was Cleveland is writing a new comic book, and takes it to Comic Con in San Diego. There, as his son Cleveland Jr. waits in line for something, the event is hijacked by NBC, promoting it's new show starring former Friends star David Schwimmer...watch at about 7:43.

Swim tryouts for "Kalamazoo Swim Meet"! HA! Seth MacFarlane uses Kalamazoo as where Schwimmer makes his TV comeback! Not sure if that's good or bad...I say...Good!

And some sad Kalamazoo/West Michigan news, friend of the Afternoon Hustle Lindsay Tarpley tore her ACL yesterday, ending her chance at winning another Women's World Cup. Tarpley, who played at my High School (Portage Central) hurt herself in the 73 rd minute of an international Friendly with Japan on Saturday. Not the biggest soccer fan in the world, but she has ties to the area. And she called into the show before...