A jury found that The Kansas City Royals are not liable for a wayward wiener that was shot into the crowd and accidentally hit a fan in the face by mascot, "Sluggerrr" during one of those "between inning" thingies the Kansas City Star reported.

On the day in question, according to the suit, Sluggerrr tried a behind-the-back throw but lost control of the sausage, which smacked John Coomer, about six rows up hitting him in the eye.  He claimed due to the incident he suffered a detached retina and has undergone three surgeries.  He wanted the Royals to pay his expenses, so he filed a lawsuit.

A Jackson County jury ruled in the team’s favor Wednesday in the case of the foil-wrapped flying frank .  John Coomer of Overland Park, Kansas, said,

he was "hugely disappointed" in the jury's verdict but respected it.

During court last Tuesday, Byron Shores, who wore the Sluggerrr suit for over 13 years, said he did not remember throwing the hot dog that struck Coomer.  Shores said he always tried to perform his frank-flinging job safely.  He stands on a dugout roof and fires foil-wrapped hotdogs into the stands with an air cannon much like the one used at Van Andel Arena during Grand Rapids Griffins games.  While an assistant reloads the cannon, Sluggerrr grabs a handful of foil-wrapped hot dogs and tosses them into the crowd.  One hit Coomer.

All I can think to add to what I have already wrote is... Good thing it wasn't a foul ball.  It's much more painful being hit with one of those than a slowly pitched hot dog while you are in a major league ballpark not paying attention.

~Dano - Over & Out!