KFC, in it's quest to make everything be about chicken, has started selling corsages for proms -- chicken corsages.

I had to buy my daughter a corsage for the daddy-daughter dance last month. Had I known I could have gotten a chicken corsage, however, ...

Both on the KFC website and this story from ABC News explain the chicken corsage.

Rick Maynard, a KFC spokesman, said:

There have already been 20 orders for the accessory and even a request from a wedding party in Kentucky.
We’ll probably end up catering that one just so guests don’t end up eating the corsages,” said Maynard.
Customers can order the corsage online. Although the chicken is not included, customers get a $5 KFC coupon they can redeem for a drumstick. Either attach the drumstick to the flowers or have a snack before the big event – the choice is yours."

Would it make a prom better if your date takes off with skanky Becky Meyers. You see how she's always looking at him. Skank.