When people made mistakes in the old days, you would have to actually see the mistake to prove it happened.

Now when a mistake is made, all someone has to do is see it online then everyone can see it.

"Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas turns 98 next week, but reports of his death began circulating online over the weekend after People accidentally posted his obit on the magazine's website. "DO NOT PUB Kirk Douglas Dies" the headline read.

"Kirk Douglas, one of the few genuine box-office names to emerge just as TV was overtaking American culture in the years right after World War II, died TK TK TK," the article said, with the "TK" referring to copy "to come."

Now if you have seen Kirk over the past years, he's pretty close. I dont really think anyone would be shocked if he did kickoff anytime soon. The old guy has lived a long solid life.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images