Just when I thought I heard it all, Lady Gaga may sue a London ice cream parlor over their specialty breast milk ice cream named, “Baby Gaga”.  Gaga is on a rampage over the “Icecreamists” to the point of threatening to bankrupt the business and she’s also personally threatening the owner, saying she’ll seize all personal assets and property.

I wasn’t surprised to find this story at the #1 spot while looking for “Stupid Celebrity News.  Yahoo says the shop’s owner Matt O’Connor went on to say the wacky singers bizarre antics like her meat dress and other on-stage costumes inspired him to create the name he chose for the dessert made from breast milk blended with Madagascan vanilla pods (not to be confused by the pod she popped out of at the Grammys), and lemon zest.

As all quirky celebrity news, we”ll see how this one plays out.  Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream, Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood drink for warlocks, and so on always makes for stupid news… REALLY STUPID NEWS!  But it does have an entertainment value of making the most of us laugh & nod our heads.  I can only respond by saying… Okey Dokey & Right On!