I’ve said it many times before: I was born in the wrong decade.

One of the things I’m most bummed about missing is Soul Train.

Not only do I wish I grew up when it was on TV all the time, but most of all I wish that I could be a Soul Train dancer!

During my show on WFGR today we played “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire and it made me wonder how people on Soul Train were dancing to the song, because I sure know how I would dance to it!

On a sidenote- everyone in this video looks like Nile Roders from Chic!

I guess I'm stuck watching my Soul Train "Best of" DVDs for now.

Some of my favorite performances are by Al Green, Earth Wind and Fire, The Spinners, and War- just to name a few!

The music on Soul Train was so funky, so groovy…I just wish I could boogie on down that Soul Train line!

And I’ll admit it, I’ve tried to get a Soul Train line going before!

I’ve tried at wedding receptions and birthdays but normally no one goes for it. I’ve only been successful once.

I need somewhere I can go and boogie my little heart out!

That’s why I like the Grand Rapids Soul Club so much! One Friday a month I can groove to old soul and funk.

Here's one of my favorite Soul Train lines featuring War's "Ballero".

Check out the next Grand Rapids Soul Club Friday June 27 at Billy’s Lounge in Eastown.