First in a series

Although Grand Rapids is a growing, vibrant city of national acclaim and new found business desire, some existing haunts in the city are drying up.

For all the H&Ms, Cabella's and Five Guys, there are other older franchises struggling to stay afloat.

This is a look at some national and regional chains that are leaving the market, in some cases, completely.

In driving around town in the past couple of weeks, I noticed something: Almost all the 7-11 stores in the Grand Rapids area have closed or are now just no-name stores with no signage whatsoever.

Here is an example of the former 7-11 on Fuller Street.

The only examples of 7-11s left in the Grand Rapids area are the stores at 1001 W. Fulton St., near John Ball Park Park and John Ball Zoo, and 4258 Alpine Ave. NW in Comstock Park.

Here's the Fulton Street store, alive and well.

Why this 7-11s is still around is beyond me, but it is. The only Slurpees left in Grand Rapids are found at this store.

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