Hornsby and the Range's second album, Scenes From The Southside (on which Peter Harris replaced Mansfield) was released in 1988. It included "Look Out Any Window" and "The Valley Road" which many critics noted due to their "more spacious" musical arrangements, allowing for "more expressive" piano solos from Hornsby.[15][16] It also included "Jacob's Ladder". which the Hornsby brothers wrote for musician friend Huey Lewis; Lewis' version became a number one hit from his album Fore! Scenes offered further slices of "Americana" and "small-town nostalgia," but it was the band's last album to perform well in the singles market. In 1988, Hornsby first appeared on stage with the Grateful Dead, a recurring collaboration that continued until the band's dissolution. #35 on the pop charts, #5 on the Rock Charts and #7 on the AC Charts.