Who knew you could spot deer in Wyoming!?

Ran across a few friendly deer while walking in the park close to home. Saw an owl at this same park two days ago (video also on my channel), and now I met these deer. I call them "city deer" because they are in the middle of the city and show less fear of humans than the deer in the back country. At one point, I thought they were going to come right up to me.

Now, in my younger days I would hunt deer. I was always told, if you see 2 or more deer, Odds are what you'ro looking at is a mom deer and her baby(ies).

The deer in the front for a good chunk of this video seems to me to be a doe (a deer, a female deer). However the one in the back that seems to have an itch it just can't scratch, you can see the, well for lack of a better term, knots on its head that will eventually be his antlers. You get a better view of him later in the video.

I'm pretty sure mama deer is the one you see for a little bit as she scoots off with her tail in the air. It's honestly hard for me to keep track of which deer is which with all of the edits. There could be 2 or 3 deer in this video that I'm extremely over analyzing.