Yep, I said "what the hell was he thinking" too!  Well... apparently a MD. man was tired of cats in his yard.  Many of us would have probably just ignored the felines or come up with a way of dealing with stray cats, but this dude went a bit overboard before State Police arrested Michael Bailey, 42, of Hedgesville after neighbors complained of multiple explosions on his property.

Bailey told troopers he was making the ever so popular aluminum foil & toilet bowl cleaner in a plastic bottle bombs.  I'll admit, my friends and I had fun with these while bored growing up in Detroit.  Kind of like our famous potato launchers that would shoot a spud from Madison Heights, over I-75 into Royal Oak.  But this 42 year old man decided to blow up any and all cats on his property.  A little too extreme for my taste!

The part I don't get, is when you make this type of device, there is no exact time when it will explode.  It takes at the very least 3-10 minutes before it detonates.  So how was this idiot thinking it would work?

UPI reports Bailey was charged with a felony count of illegal possession of destructive devices, explosive material or incendiary devices.  My conclusion is that this is one of those whack-jobs that sits on his front porch with a pellet-gun waiting to shoot children who step foot on his lawn.  And yes, we had one of those guys two doors down in Detroit too!

~Dano - Over & Out!