Who Would YOU Want To Play A Live Show In Your Living Room?

Erick M. Sanchez of Washington, D.C. is hoping to lure Kenny Loggins to his one-bedroom condo through a new Kickstarter campaign. His Kickstater journey began when Loggins  and his band, Blue Sky Riders, launched their online own online campaign to fund a new studio album.

Erick's ad reads:

Look, this is simple. If I raise 30 grand, Kenny Loggins & Blue Sky Riders will come play an acoustic set at my house.

Like I said, if I can raise $30K, Kenny Loggins, Mr. Danger Zone, and his bandmates, Georgia Middleman & Gary Burr (collectively known as Blue Sky Riders) will fly to DC and play a private show in my living room. You'll hear some old and new hits, but I need some cash to make this happen. If you're looking to make a dream come true, put your money where your ears are and drop some cash. Don't do it for me. Don't do it for Kenny, Georgia, and Gary. Do it for America.


Do it for America?

Whatever happened to Kickstarter helping to fund fledgling inventors, or helping people pay their medical bills? Now it's full of big bowls of potato salad and Kenny Loggins. Shame.


Here’s one for the ladies…At 66, Loggins is no stranger to women. He’s been married twice and says that over the years, he’s found that his vision of women and sex is still changing.  In an interview with HuffPost Live this week, Loggins explained how he now "appreciates women more," and sees them "more clearly" than he ever has before.   Apparently, he’s been dating "a beautiful younger woman" for the past four years, cited life experience as helping his views evolve. And when it comes to sex, Loggins says that now, sex “is about connection.” "When you're younger, the male animal is all about sowing the seed,” he explained. "As I get older, that season has passed. It's not about making babies now.” Well, alright.