Marshmallow Peeps are the polarizing treat of the Easter Candy world, you either love them or you hate them.   But can you imagine them holding a March on Washington in black and white newsreel footage?   How about Peeps taking selfies?   

Several web sites have been holding Peep Diorama contests for years, and the quality as increased in the past few years, as evidenced by the finalists in the Washington Post competition, which includes a Peep recreation of the Civil Rights March on Washington, and Peeps taking selfies.  The slide show also features Peeps pooping, but it's tastefully done, but you've been warned.

The St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer Press also has a competition, and this year's winners feature Spiderman, a recreation of a Vermeer painting, and "The Peep-stine Chapel".

If that weren't enough, the LA Times presents "A Day In The Life Of A Peep", and the Carroll County (Maryland) Arts Council puts on a "Peep Show" every spring, highlighting local artists' take on the Easter treat, upping the ante with not only dioramas, but sculptures, collages and even videos of hot Peep action.

So if you're looking for an idea for ArtPrize this fall, it may behoove you to consider the marshmallow treat as an art medium instead of a snack.

If you're into the wholesale consumption of the sticky critters, here's a guy who claims he's shattered a world record by shoving 100 Peeps down his pie hole in less than two minutes.  It ain't pretty.

And then there's just flat out murder of the Peeps, as evidenced by this video of a guy shooting as many Peeps as possible with a .50 caliber round.  (WARNING:  Peep death is graphically depicted).