And it includes Egg McMuffins! Thanks to chains like Jack in the Box (which we dont have here but should) and Steak and Shake, McDonald's has released their new "Late Night Menu" I saw an ad for it on the Tigers game Monday afternoon.

The new "Breakfast after Midnight" menu has been tested in places like Ohio, Utah and Massachusetts, and now it has moved at least to Detroit. According to the Brand Eating story "A Look at McDonald's "Breakfast After Midnight" Test"

"The "Breakfast After Midnight" menu centers around the McMuffin (if you want biscuits, you're going to have to wait till after 4 am); probably because you just have to toast them. For some reason, you can get them with sausage, but not bacon (I'm going to guess the reason is sausage holds better in a warmer where bacon loses that desirable crispness). So your McMuffin options are: the Egg Muffin, Sausage McMuffin, and Sausage McMuffin with Egg."

Ok Breakfast now starts 6 hours earlier...some day we will get McMuffins all day long. Then I will be able to die a happy man.