Three of my earliest memories as a kid was A) the Nixon two dollar bill my Dad kept in his wallet. Freaked me out, even at a young age! B) Riding Sandy the penny pony at Meijer, and C) Getting an ice cream cone at the Purple Cow! Some newer Meijer stores don't have the iconic West Michigan Dairy treat anymore, but that will soon change! The Purple Cow is coming back!

Meijer announced yesterday they are buying a part of the Bareman Dairy out of Holland and renaming it "Purple Cow Creamery"! That's awesome! Soon all of Meijer's Milk will be produced at their own dairy! That, in my opinion, is a good thing for Meijer.

Meijer's milk currently is produced by Dean's out of Evart. Now the Dean's people will continue to produce milk for their own brand and others. I love Meijer milk for the taste. I hope the switch from Dean's to their own milk won't change the taste. If they can keep the taste and keep the cost down, it's a win-win!