In a new survey for Valentines Day by says most men think that gadgets like a Smart phone make them very attractive to women.  But only 36 percent of women agreed with that sentiment. 

The elevator door opens, and in walks an attractive woman. Whatcha gonna do, big guy? Impress her by whipping out that I Phone? Forget it.  She would rather you were reading a book.  But if you have a dog with you,  your chances are even better!

While about half of men surveyed in the "Gadgetology" study thought seeing someone using a hip smartphone was attractive, only 36 percent of women shared that sentiment.

"More women under 35 say they are more attracted to someone walking a dog than someone using a cool phone," according to in an "iPads Don't Make You Look as Cool as You Think" titled blog post detailing the study results.

Retrevo found that both men and women felt it was slightly more alluring to see someone reading a book than wielding one of Apple's coveted iPad tablet computers.

So when I get home today,  I'm  going to be walking my dog reading a book!
Happy Valentines Day!