Did you know Michigan leads the country in the number of miles of shared use trails and rail-trails?

There are over 2500 miles of such trails throughout the state, and now it's easy to get maps to plan your hikes and rides.

If you're like me, you enjoy the great trails available in our area for both hiking and bike riding.  I just discovered the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail through Comstock Park last weekend, and instantly fell in love with the paved trail and it's miles of uninterrupted bike riding, wonderfully removed from the bother of heavy car traffic.

The Michigan Department of Transportation now offers free PDF downloads of maps of bike trails for all ten regions in the State, and you can also purchase hard copies of the maps for just five bucks to cover the shipping and handling.  These maps are great to carry along with you on your rides.

May is National Bike Month and this week is Bike To Work Week, so as Queen sings "Get on your bikes and ride!"