Meet the Olivet Eagles, a middle school football team from Olivet, Michigan, who with the help of a learning-disabled teammate, executed what may be one of the most successful plays of all time.

The young men on the Olivet football team have a special place in their hearts for their teammate Keith, a boy who is learning-disabled and also has some boundary issues, but in the nicest way. Keith is a hugger, he hugs everyone. And on this day, the other boys on the Olivet football team gave Keith something that's the equivalent of a million hugs, and they did it all on their own. No adults knew what was going to take place, not their coaches, not their parents. The boys did this amazingingly thoughtful thing all on their own.

It's so great to see young people stepping up to do things for kids who are may be different from them. Reminds me of the young men from St. John Vianney's soccer team that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Bravo, boys.