Not who you think. Id guess Bob Seger. Or Kid Rock. Maybe Eminem, or Grand Funk Railroad or ever Del Shannon. Nope. Not even close. It IS an artist from Michigan, but not who you think.

It's Young Jeezy. Who? What's a Young Jeezy? He's a rapper from Detroit. This story "Here's Every State's Favorite Band" from Business Insider explains.

"Paul Lamere is the director of developer platform for The Echo Nest, a group that calls itself a "music intelligence company" for major music firms.
In his latest study, Lamere calculated the relative number of streams for a given artist for all 50 states, using a database of his clients' users.

The result: A map showing each which artist enjoys the most outsized support in each state. To be clear, these aren't necessarily the most-listened to bands in each state, but rather the bands that have unusually high support in each state. So for example, Vermonters skew more toward Phish more than other Americans do, and Texans are bigger George Strait fans than anyone else.

So the only state in the union that loves Young Jeezy is us. Well we cant do EVERYTHING right. At least we aren't west Virginia. John Denver? No, Matchbox 20.