The Comedy Central talk show "@midnight" started the buzzing Thursday night when it asked its panelists to combine their moms' favorites sayings with pop song titles.

The results are hilarious.

@Midnight is a combination talk/game show on Comedy Central that is described by the show's web site as "Chris Hardwick leads three celebrity contestants down the ultimate Internet wormhole."

Hardwick is probably best known for hosting the post "The Walking Dead" discussion forum, "The Talking Dead" on AMC.

Hardwick kicked the meme off by getting the comedians on the show to rephrase things their Moms used to say with a pop song title.  Here's the audio:

That led to the show's viewers adding to the meme by using #MomSongs.

Here's the show's Twitter feed using that hashtag.

And here's some of the MomSongs that came in via my Facebook page.

Girls just want to have fun, after you clean your room.

If "the new kid in town" jumped off a cliff would you do it too?

It’s been A LONG TIME since you called. DON’T LOOK BACK and regret it because IT’S MORE THAN A FEELING that I have that you’re doing something, you know how I worry. I just want PEACE OF MIND. (my tribute to my mom and Boston) John Marx

This better be you "Last dance with Mary Jane" because I'm not bailing you out!

DON'T WALK AWAY (Firehouse) GET BACK (Beatles) here right now, young man......You'd better LISTEN TO ME (Buddy Holly)....